Great Little Know VacationsThe travelling was a man’s favorite hobby since the times of history. It is psychologically proven fact that trip to another city unwinds the mind of the visitor.Everyone wants to spend the quality time with his/her friends and family members, vacations are the best way to fulfil the desire. There are many people who are curious to explore the great little know vacation spot. These hidden gems of the earth are comparatively less expensive with warm and scenic views of the nature.

Traveling to the famous vacation spots is not necessary, you should explore the treasures of different types of places. Even the real travelers start their journey from local vacation spots and gradually travels to the famous cities of the world. This article is going to list down great, but little know vacations spots of the world;

1. Glass Beach near Fort Bragg in California is the marvel of the nature on earth. The pebble like glass pieces are the result of the aftermath of dumping trash in the waters. The sea undergoes with massive cleanups twice in the century, but the glass bottles were remained there and converted into beautiful glass pebbles through natural process. The name of the glass beach is because of the simmering of the iridescent sea glass on the shores.

2. Nature lovers will unconsciously enrapture into the marvelous beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National park in Croatia that covers the area of 296 km2 filled with exquisite beauty of the mother earth. The Plitvice Lakes is considered as the paradise of pristine lakes, waterfalls and mineral cascades. A little known destination, but filled with marvels of the beauty.

3. Leshan Giant Buddha is an unexplored historical gem in Sichuan, China. The Buddha statue in Sichuan was carved from the stone in 8th century,it is approximately 71 meters in height and known as the largest image of Buddha in the world. This fascinating piece of art agape the visitors. This site had significant value in the Buddhism.

4. Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is one of the cheapest beach vacations spot for travelers. From cheap food stalls to economical seaside resorts, sunny beach is a must see destination of the world. You can see a vibrant city life along the coastal area delights the experience of the visitor.

5. Las Pozas is another uncommon, but a beautiful destination to visit. It is located near Xilitla, in the Mexico. The surrealist structures created by Edward James make it a fantasyland. Besides the multiple pools, it also includes a staircase that leads nowhere, but had the longer lasting effect on the climber. The interesting and curious structures named as “house with three stories that might be five” and house with a roof like a whale” amaze the visitor.

6. Mammoth caves in Kentucky is the longest underground cave that covers the area of 640 km. The area is reported to have a large number of ghosts with strange features and appearances. The caves comprise countless chambers and complicated paths surrounded by the beauty of the river and hills. This area is known for hiking, horse riding and camping.

7. Socotra Island in Yemen is known as “the alien-looking place on earth”. A few sci-fi films enrapture the strange beauty of the island in their movies. The isolated island of Socotra gives birth to the wide diversity of flora and fauna, these species are found nowhereelse on earth.The famous Dragon’s Blood tree and Desert Rose remained the sight to behold.

8. The Ibiza in the Balearic Islands of Spain is the best option for summer vacation spots. The scene depicts the hugging of the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea with the incredible diversity of art and culture. The beach provides affordable bars, nightclubs and restaurants to enjoy the every moment of your summer vacation.

9. Pamukkale resortnear Denizli in Turkey is the place of incredible beauty. The word Pamukkale is translated as cotton castle, it is made of terrace like pools that reflect the tints of the blue sky. The site comprised a stack of calcium and other mineral deposits in water, responsible for the excessive whiteness of the area. A series of aqua marine with minerals are formed over the time of thousands of years, the site itself speaks its rich history.

10. Pink sand beach in Harder Island is a unique resort. It is Bahamas most beautiful destination and an incredible example of the beauty of the nature. The red shells of foraminifera mixed with white sand and gives the hues of pink and name the beach as Pink Sand.